Friday, August 04, 2006


News from the chicks...they are growing!


Sunday evening concerts on the East Poultney Green.

Thanks to the Poultney-Granville Community Band.

A totally vegetarian dinner to "honor" the people of the Middle East:

from the Mideast--

we made...

Syrian tabouleh,
Lebanese hummus,
Hezzbollah home-made pita, (not too difficult),
Israeli cous-cous with chick peas and vegetables (made in Israel, the package says),
AND Cocoleezza Rice Pilaf.

and Pam made a "Piece for All" fruit tart! Wow!!!

From the Rudoph Steiner Institute at Green Mountain College: our guests--Don, Lynn and Sarah.

On truthfulness:
"When we as human beings confront a simple fact, we can rigorously attempt to form a mental picture that exactly corresponds to this fact. This mental picture is then true. Or, we can-whether due to inexactness, lassitude, or even an aversion to truth, that is, out of falseness-form a mental picture that is not connected with the fact, that does not fit the fact…. If we want to develop inner truthfulness, we must never go further than facts of the outer world speak to us. And we must, strictly speaking, attempt to formulate our words in such a way that we only confirm the facts of the outer sensory world…. When we feel an obligation to test the things we say and to find the boundaries within which what we say has validity, then we are contributing to a real inner consolidation of our human feeling for existence."

Rudolf Steiner, lectures from Jan 19 and 20, 1923; German Bibl. Nr: 220; translation CH

Parade II.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Fourth of July Parade, beginning in East Poultney!

As viewed from the Isherwood Mansion!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dismas House cooking with our new friends.

Thanks to Florence Jones for making dee-lish-shush cole lslaw to go along withour BBQ chicken and ribs with wonderful grilled squash donated by Boardman Hill Farm. Rice pilaf was our side dish.

Karen's made calapacitas and we finished with her blueberry compote with vanilla ice cream top a very fine meal.

We'll be back!

Thanks to Valerie for giving us the opportunity to do this meal. And Tom for his help.