Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mariann Hurley made one of her patented quick forays into East Poultney to check out the work on theWebster House.

So it's a fun dinner with her and neighbors, the Isherwoods and the McHale's...

...who was Marlene's favorite superintendent of All Time?

What is Bob pouring?

The "girls" checking out the snow...

The L^2 girls from Branford sans Mr. Mike came to Poultney for a visit to GMC.

Yes, it's ... ???
Name those beauties and win a prize!
Next time stay with us...promise that there will be no storm when you visit next.
By the way, Keene State College is a good choice, too!

Taking in the Health and Wellness Fair at Green Mountain College.

Nice to meet practioners of healthy and holistic methods rather than precribers of pills, chemical medicines and other invasive treatments.

Look who we got to meet...

Who are these cute kids?

Where did they come from?

Ken Mulder has signed on to be the new farm director at Green Mountain College.

We welcome them to Poultney along with Emily and family.

The Mulders at the Birdhouse Inn...

...lots of fun with the kids!

Obediah, Zeekie, Mamie, and Thaddeus...

...meeting new friends at a dinner in their honor...

More scenes from our community dinner with Ken and Emily Mulder and family.

See who was there!

Good luck with your new position at Green Mountain College!

And nice news on your finding a house in Poultney before returning to Michigan!!

At Tot's for the monthly Chmber of Commerce meeting led by President Valerie...

...good job!

Wonderful news...Rutland Regional Medical Center, a chamber member, will be hosting the next mixer at Lake St. Catherine Country Club...sounds like a lot of fun.
Golf anyone?

Buffy and new brood of three little chickies...

...born and hatched 10th of April!!...

...sooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!