Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We've gotten involved with the Poultney Food Shelf, an emergency agency located in the Stonebridge Center. The PFS assists our neighbors from Poultney, Middletown Springs, Wells, and Hampton.

The Food Shelf is open on Tuesdays from 3 - 5 PM.

Another aspect of this helping organization is the monthly food deliveries to seniors. Of course, I gladly volunteered, taking over Ann DeBonis' long-standing route.

Along the way I've met wonderful people who have a terrific knowledge of the community: people, places, and things! They are a wonderful group of outstanding citizens.

Please meet some of our new friends:

Mr. Tom Snyder who is the proprietor of the Sakanac Antiques House; this pine cone Christmas tree is over 40 years old...a gift from Mr. Snyder's brother;

Mr. Roberts who enjoys watching birds and has a faithful pet in his cat, Sam; and,

Mr. Mount who lives in East Poultney and was an important businessman on Wall Street, NYC.

These and the others who I bring monthly supplemental groceries to are an asset to our community and have a great knowledge of the history of our town, Poultney.

A quick trip to Branford to check out Hamre Lane and to see mom...

...she's doing well and sends her best to everyone...and her "little girl" is happy, too!

Had a quick bite at Scotty's...a Branford landmark!

Having an enjoyable dinner with our little sister and local friends...

...what is Steve doing?

Check out our little visitors from New Mexico................

...and a visit to Hicks Orchards, too!

Monday, January 29, 2007

My Sweetie!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun times at FHCC with the Mission Board...

Who's in the pictures?

What are they up to?

Skiing vacationers Joe Binkoski, Phyllis Liu, daughter Charlotte, friend Cliff, and Bob and Heady Liu and sons spent time at Killington and respited with us at the Birdhouse Inn.

We also helped to celebrate Phyllis' birthday with a wonderful carrot cake baked by Chef Deena of the East Poultney General Store...yummmmmmmmmmmmmmy!

Ask Joe and Phyllis where you can get a deal on some "vino"!

We all had a fun time with everyone.

Good luck to Bob and Heady as they return to Tibet(?) and China to continue with their missions.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Karen got to meet the author of her Salem, NY...

Jon Katz, local author and NY Times Bestseller!!
"Katz on Dogs" and "A Dog Year"...signed...

Arf, arf...bow-wow... a new friend...

...And an autographed book, too!

Yeah, Karen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1