Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More NHFT pix...who are those crazy teachers?

Care to win a prize?

Your answer will be given the best consideration...
...was this the best NHFT party or what? Give us your opinions...

Name the faces in the crowd...

...where is this great group of educators?

...why am I here?

Visiting Mom and Jeff, too...

...she's feeling OK, now hwawt about Uncle Jeff?

What's new at the East Poultney Post Office?

Who are the new Postmaster and Postmistress?

Why are they there?

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What is Masumi doing?

Sunday, June 17, 2007

What are these folks smiling about?

Soup's on!
Our Mission Board sponsored the movie The Future of Food and showed it to the congregation.
We made a soup, bread provided by Cindy and desserts by Martha & Maryann..
From the movie people now realize where our food is coming from and what we need to do to take back our lives from the multinational food giants who supply us with poor substitutes for healthy nutrtion.
That was a terrific sermon from the Northern New England UCC Minister of Missions...forgot his name...help, Marsh

Delegates to the Vermont UCC Annual Conference...

...since it was in nearby Castleton, it was easy for us. This meeting celebrated 50 years of the UCC!

Highlights included a nice opening dinner (of course...), and workshops about Disaster Relief and how congregations can get involved, plus a workshop on Creating a Peace Community in Your Church. We were most impressed with the Peace Breakfast which had participants describe what they are actually doing in home churches to bring peace and joy to their fellow parishioners. Marsh had our display describing the Alternative Christmas Project that Missions undertook this year.
Marsh set up refreshments in the main lobby with donations going to Fair Haven Concerned.
We enjoyed the conference and may actually sign-up to be delgates next year, too.