Sunday, November 04, 2007


I did it, I did it...!!!

I was able to grow the hottest pepper ever recorded onthe Scoville Scale, from seedlings we got at the Fiery Foods Show.
Name the pepper type and I'll send you some seeds for next season. Be sure to include your name and address!
PS: this pepper is HOT! 1,000,0000 Scoville units! Makes a tasty salsa!

A surprise visit from...???

Please send in the name of this gentleman...and win a prize!

The Wihlbourgs and family from NYC here for a family wedding and enjoying the vacation time in beautiful Poultney and Lake St. Catherine area.

How did they like the chickies?

These are the first "kids" we've met who are really into to the game Risk! Yeah! And they were all so polite and very happy! Great people to have around and know.

Please come again!

The Moores from Atlanta, Georgia...with daughter Rachel...beginning the new school year at GMC...
...nice to meet you!

The beautiful Vermont flowers from our gardens...

..tasty treats with our friends...

...who are those crazy people?

Pround parents of a GMC student, Bruce and Leitha enjoy our delicious breakfast.

"Father" Jim Langan up here to visit with us before embanking on his 41st year teaching mathematics at the Sound School in the New Haven Public Schools.
Go Jim!
Who is the neater looking guy: Jim or Mr. Snyder?