Thursday, April 27, 2006

While walking up Lewis Road...I got the wrong settings on while trying to take some pictures of the lovely rock ledge...oh, well, next time...

Look who's here...

The neighbors continue to come over to see the babies!

Who are they?
Mail in your answers.

A surprise visit.

Who is this famous Poultney-ite?

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Visiting the Hurley Mountain Estate with Marianne. Seeing what is going on with Dave...they have great fireplaces and a bee-hive oven, wow!

A visitor from New York with the chicks.

Name this person and win a prize!

More baby pictures...

Can you identify the types of breeds we have?

Answer and win a prize.

Not a rotten egg in the bunch!!!!!!!!!!!

Admiring the newborns-->

Can you hear the "cheep, cheep, cheeping...?"

So cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!

More "cheep, cheep, cheeping..."

Coming back from the East Poultney General Store where the "kids" were delivered today, 24 April 06.

Hurray, let's get the kids in their new home with food, water, and heat!

They had a long trip over the weekend coming to Vermont from Iowa via the US Postal Service.

Born on 22 April 06
25 chickies!
Proud parents: Karen and Brian
Flying in from California, our dear friend and neighbor: Marianne Hurley! It's great to see her!! Tonight was "Meet the Neighbors Night" with Chuck and Gail, us and the Isherwoods whom Marianne has never met, even though they live across the street from the Hurleys!

Marianne supplied us with many gifts from the Santa Rosa farmers market, great sour dough bread, hummus, spinach lavosh, and springtime California asparagas.

With these wonderful ingredients we served Grandma's special turkey juk with brown rice, whole wheat penne with asparagas and garlic, and a tabouleh salad with fresh vegetables. Delicious! We had lots of good wine and lots of good cheer.

Karen's hermits (not from Herman) bars were a yummy finish to a fun evening!

Also staying with us that same day were Val and Wendy from Connecticut, visiting friends in the Poultney area.

They had the same breakfast we served the Magruders:

· Apricot scones
· Cinnamon coffee cake
· Poached eggs & cheese
· Bacon
· Uncle Dave's Famous apple, walnut, banana flax pancakes
· Melon
· Juice
· Coffee

Our visitors from Tully, New York, Peter and Kathleen Magruder, here for their son's athletic awards luncheon.

For breakfast we served:

· Apricot scones
· Cinnamon coffee cake
· Poached eggs & cheese
· Bacon
· Apple, walnut, banana, flax pancakes
· Melon
· Juice
· Coffee

Monday, April 24, 2006

Guess who we sat next to at the Saengefest and Green Mountain Concert... ???

some faces in the crowd...

Saengerfest Men's Chorus from Massachusetts and the Green Mountain Choir and Cantorium performed a wonderful concert in Ackley Auditoriumon Saturday, 22 April 06. It was a stirring performance of beautiful Welsh songs and some modern classics.

Do you know and notice anyone in the choir?

Sammie joined us, too, for an overnighter!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

From Homer, New York come our friends and guests, Mr. and Mrs. Jeffers. As proud parents of daughter Amanda, a sophomore at Green Mountain College, they are here for Amanda's recognitions as an Independent School Soccer All Star in Division III. They have stayed at the Birdhouse Inn many times before.

For breakfast we had Karen's Cream Cheese and Apricot Scones and Healthy Walnut Whole Wheat with Flax Pancakes, Poached Eggs, and Turkey Bacon. Melon, grapes and juice and GM Cinammon Swirl coffee completed the meal.

It's raining today, but not too hard. April showers, you know!