Monday, January 21, 2008

From our fertile eggs...'s Junior!

If you have a "better" name, please let us know...

Would you like to know the "full" story about Junior? If so, send us an email!!!

Two Great Mothers of Mathematica come for a visit!!

Peter rides in and bikes his way through the Green Mountains!!

Charlie arrives with some needed advice for our lont-term care needs...

...thanks to all!!!

What are these people up to?


Peace be with you...

...our first UCC sponsored peace Summit at Charlotte Congregational Church. A wonderful time to promote peace efforts here and around the world.

Dot Maver--"US Dept. of Peace"

Joe Gainza--Peace for All

Theresa Lever--Vermont activist

Bev and Hermine--concerned educators for peace

...and many more!

Rick and Tina from their visit to UVM and Gus...

Did you take everything back to New Haven?