Saturday, May 20, 2006

Uncle Jeff says hello to everyone!

After seeing mom and Jeff we stopped by one the Food Network's Fabulous Finds, Foxon Park Soda where we've been going for years. We love the Gassosa and Birch Beer sodas; Iron Brew has that great taste that can't be beat. Picking up a case to bring back to the Birdhouse Inn so that Poulneyites can have that special feeling, too! Only one problem: where is the pizza?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

"Where are we going?"

Four of the sisters and brothers are headed north to the Pine Tree State as a graduation "present", thanks to the Professors of Philosophy. Checking out the flock...

Did you notice the new hanging feeder?

One last look at the Messy Two Dozen, now reduced to One Score.

Cogito ergo sum, et tu?

Happy Mothers Day from Middletown, Connecticut.

Honoring the Mother B with all the rest of the many Bees!
Happy Mothers Day in Middletown with all the Bees, especially the Mother B!

Thanks to Linda and Pete for hosting such a fun party in honor of Mother B and all mothers!

A tribute to Betty Staudt from her committee members.

Betty was the Chairperson of the Mission Committee of the Fair Haven Congregational Church for many years. She was responsible for the Easter Cross and the many successful outreach missions of FHCC. Betty will be moving across the state, near White River Junction, to be closer to her children.

We'll miss you, Betty.

Best wishes!

The chicks are getting a "whole language" lesson from this teacher.

Can you identify him and where he lives?

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

And the winner is...
...or should I say the winners are...

  1. Maggie,
  2. Kathy, and
  3. Carl

Congratulations for particpating in the Fair Haven CC Ministry Fair, the First Annual!

These lucky people won a specially prepared soup from Brian's Soup Kitchen at the Birdhouse Inn.

Special thanks to Amanda Hill for being the "Drawing Girl". And to all the rest who particpated in our Ministry Fair, many thanks.

The chicks are three weeks old!

Wow, and flying and buzzing around!!

The chicks are three weeks old!

Wow, and flying and buzzing around!!

Prep Crew for the Fair Haven Congregational Church Vermont Maple Ham church dinner.

Don't we look like we're having fun?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Our Irish Mother and her pal, the Clerk of the Church, visiting with the chickies..."cheep, cheep..."

Time for a bedtime story...

Then time for lunch...

Others who seen seen at Warren Kimble's exhibition at Green Mountain College.

Guess who!?