Thursday, September 04, 2008


Just a short stint in the hospital. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!

Monday, January 21, 2008

From our fertile eggs...'s Junior!

If you have a "better" name, please let us know...

Would you like to know the "full" story about Junior? If so, send us an email!!!

Two Great Mothers of Mathematica come for a visit!!

Peter rides in and bikes his way through the Green Mountains!!

Charlie arrives with some needed advice for our lont-term care needs...

...thanks to all!!!

What are these people up to?


Peace be with you...

...our first UCC sponsored peace Summit at Charlotte Congregational Church. A wonderful time to promote peace efforts here and around the world.

Dot Maver--"US Dept. of Peace"

Joe Gainza--Peace for All

Theresa Lever--Vermont activist

Bev and Hermine--concerned educators for peace

...and many more!

Rick and Tina from their visit to UVM and Gus...

Did you take everything back to New Haven?

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A visitor from the north...on our way to the Branford High School Class of 1971 40th reunion...really that many years?

Some lovely visitors and guests at breakfast.

Agie and Melanie...our new friends.

See you, Agie, soon...Amtrak in Fair Haven...they say that more mass transportation is needed here in our local area. But this works for Agie!

We brought Jeff to help us out at Dismas House for preparing and serving dinner...nice, delicious meal, if I might say!

See the smiling faces!

"Uncle Jeff" paid us a visit...nice...

...and we went to the Otter Creek Brewery to check out some of their seasonal brewskis! Yum...

Plus, check out the local attractions, too!!

Look what's cooking...from fresh, organic eggs...come and enjoy some of our special treats for you...

...join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner...with Junior, too!

Look what's going on across the street...

...come an join us for a nice, safe walk...

Crop Walk, Fair Haven 2007...

"We walk so others will not have to walk."

More scenes and folks from a beautiful day to celebrate Chuck Smith and the Crop Walk in Fair Haven.