Monday, December 25, 2006

Adding to our collection of "antique" Vermont and New York this "junque" or what?

Sold by Nicholas Antiques...Whitehall, New York...

...come and enjoy!

Here's Nick himself helping to load another piece onto the truck...thanks, Nick!

Purchasing fresh, organic eggs from our chickies!

Thanks, Steve...and Heather...

Helping out the Poultney Food Shelf with collection of food items from the community...these Green Mountain College students really know what is meant by "learn and serve"...and service to others...

Many thanks...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Santa comes to Poultney...guess who we saw at the Town Hall?

Wasn't it a lot of fun to walk down Main Street behind the firetruck with Santa riding on the back?

The Brown Bag Deli's own dymanic duet, the Greg Colm Duo...

...come and listen to their folksy songs and lively entertainment on the weekends.

Fun, fun, fun...

WVNR radio in our little town of Poultney...

...listen to the sounds of the AM or FM station...

Monday, December 18, 2006

Getting ready for "Christmas on Main Street" open house...what is our theme this year?

Any guesses?

Kathy Budrot from Maine and her mom stayed over with us for Samantha's Christmas Concert at Green Mountain College.

We chatted with Liz Arpaia and some of the other choir members after the performance at Withey Hall.

Thanks to director James Cassarino and the group for bringing such fine music to our community.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"Alternatives to Traditional Christmas Gift Giving"...

The Mission Board at Fair Haven Congregational Church (yes, we are both members!) decided to offer alternatives to the merry gift buying and outlandish joyous consumption that pervades our society.

So, we found opportunities for our members to "give gifts" that will have a more positive impact on people, economies and the environment. Plus, they will be more meaningful gifts for both sender and receiver.

For example, you may make a donation to the World Wildlife Fund to "adopt" an endangered animal in your loved one's name.

Or you can purchase a traditional craft through CERV where the $$$ goes directly to those who create the native, traditional items. Thus, improving the lives and economies of those who are not as "rich" as we are.

Better yet, how about sending some chickens, goats, pigs or other animals to the impoverished around our world through The Hieffer Project? This stabilizes and improves the local economies through these contributions.

Lastly, not only does FHCC serve Fair Trade Coffee, but we are now offering YOU the opportunity to purchase Equal Exchange coffees, teas, and chocolates that are certified organic. Farmers recieve a fair and living wage through your purchases and Equal Exchange.

So, please give gifts that keep on giving and help to improve the world around us.

Bless you all.

Please feel free to contact us for more information!!!

We shared an elegant Tuascan-inspired meal at Simple Elegance Catering in Rutland with Marietta and husband Jean...

...he drove here all the way from Michigan!

...the antipasto plate was devine!!! So creative and tasty...loved the radicchio with proscuitto...and the grilled apple with cheese...the fried risotto...oh, so different!!

Hearing the soothing sounds of "Woodchuck's Revenge" with Doug and Vanessa at the Paramount Theater's Back Room.

Monday, December 11, 2006

After a bad illness, Vanessa and Doug Hutchins made it to Vermont and the Birdhouse Inn to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Congratulations and many more!

We prepared a very nice celebratory meal for them with friends and new friend, Marietta, from Michigan!

These hard-working educators in Connecticut deserved a relaxing weekend in our lovely area...

Watch out for those speed traps in New York!

Moose, bear, venison, beaver, turkey, elk...meatballs, stews, fillets, sausages, pies...we tasted many yummy dishes at the Rupert Game Dinner.

Featured guest, Lars, celebrating his 40th birthday! Congratualtions to you, your bride and family...

...hey, isn't that Heather? ...when she's not teaching at the Mettawee School?

Who was at the Rupert Game Dinner? From Branford and Long Island? Wow!

Best wishes, "coach"!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Vermont's and nationally syndicated political cartoonist Jeff Danzinger spoke to a packed house in Chester, VT regarding his views and concerns about the current state of affairs.

Of course, there were ringing indictments about the current adminstration...wonder why???

Here's Karen getting a couple of Mr. Danzinger's books signed. Thanks!!

HSC's very own Frank Martignetti and cool friend Elizabeth stayed with us enjoying the Green Mountains and the Lakes Region.

We had a very nice time with them. Hope to see you again soon...keep learning those HSC-ers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

William and Mary Class of 1971 Gift Committee Co-Chairs Ginny Carey and Julian Fore with Pam Michael...

A tribute to Ginny and Julian ourco-chairs of our class' Gift Committee who helped to raise over $750,000 for the Fund for William and Mary for our 35th Reunion Class Gift. And many thanks to Pam for ably assisting and coordinating the efforts on campus.

When will you all be coming up to Vermont?

At the Vermont Hospitality Expo in Burlington...

...meeting with lots of new vendors and products... we are the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters booth...a fair Fair Trade company...enjoy Green Mountain Fair Traded Organic Coffee at the Birdhouse Inn!

A fond farewell to Margo Larson who always spoke for improving humaitarian condtions here in Vermont and around the world. She was a steady member of the FHCC Mission Board for many years and a Sunday School teacher and leader. Her new ventures take her to Saratoga for more ways to move the world towards peace.

We will miss her deeply.

Who's at the door "disguised" and "dressed" as a Califronian?!

Welcome back...Maryann...

When you are in the Amish-Lancaster, PA area, we highly **** recommend that you stay at the Homestead Inn in Smoketown...

Lori and Bob are wonderful hosts and their place is comfy and cozy!

We stay there whenever we in the case when we came back from Williamsburg via Amish country...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Our November visit and cooking at Dismas House...

please welcome our guest from England...Kay...who is working with International Ambassadors and assisting at Dismas House.

Be careful what Tom tells you!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Now that's a large pretzel...

...would Rich like a bite?

Tell us where the picture was taken and win a prize!

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold with Anthony and Maria came to Poultney. They went to VINS and enjoyed the Vermont coutnryside.

Of course, the chickies were a big hit, too!

We had a very nice time with the Arnolds.

By the way, Anthony, what happened to the Yankees?