Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Who are the Chileheads?

All comments are welcomed!

Who's chile is the spiciest and hottest at the 14th Annual Manchester Chili Challenge. After tasting 14 different chiles, it was hands-down, Hassan Chani's African Devil Chili!!!! Using a wild blend of many different spices and his famous African Devil Chili pepper, Hassan is getting Zachary ready to be a chilehead soon!

The Panhandlers played the sultry sounds of the Carribean on the steel drums to accompany the spiciness of the chile challengers. Led by Scott Paulson and Barbara Smith the sounds of a far away place were brought right into the Equinox as we enjoyed all types of chiles.

Thanks to Paula Liner for introducing me to the group!

What is there to do in the middle of winter? I went to the 14th Annual Manchester Chili Challenge today to see what Vermonters could do with the precious pod. Eleven competitors made fifteen different chiles for the crowd to sample and enjoy.

I really liked Gatewood's Mexican Chocolate Chile with Jalapeno Ice Cream. So wondefully chocolaty and rich in flavor, it was my favorite. The ice cream really complemented the dark chile. John had made a winner out of this unique blend of flavors for this chile. This was voted Most Unique Chile...I thought it was the best tasting, too!

Held at the beautiful Equinox Hotel, procedes go to the Manchester Recreation Department, a worthwhile cause. Come next year at this time and savor the flavors of Manchester!

Happy Valentine's Day to All.

We had an intimate dinner with New Zealand Sparkling wine, fresh, homemade pasta that I made with real semolina flour with a shrimp, shitake cream sauce, roasted whtie asparagas, and a mesclun salad accompanied by baked bread and roasted whole head of garlic. One of our favorite wines, Valley of the Moon Chardonnay complimented the food.

Since Karen has been ill, we retired early after watching some of the Winter Olympics.

Hurray for Hannah Teter's win in the Halfpipe! She's from Belmont in Rutland Coounty, Vermont!!

The Nelson-Boyd breakfast menus:

Day 1:
Apple Pancakes
Spanish Tortillas
Vermont Maple Ham
Karen's Apricot Cream Cheese Scones
Grapefruit Juice

Day 2:
French Toast
Lavsh Rollup with eggs, potatos, sausage
Apple Riccota Muffins
Orange Juice

Was everyone satisfied? We think so!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Vermont Sweetwater is the best! The tastings continue. Which one is your favorite?
Gung hay fat choy in East Poultney, our first!

We had quite a Festa's Feast with our friends...can you name who's in the pictures?

The menu consisted of pan fried gyoza, yakitori, chashew chicken (cashews, compliments of the East Poultney Geeral Store!), baby bok choy with shrimp in oyster sauce, roasted pork loin with char sui sauce, pasta, whole baked cauliflower with cheese, fried rice, almond cookies (thanks, Karen!), and fortune cookies. All were refreshed with plenty of food and wines paired to the meal. This happened AFTER the Vermont Sweetwater demonstration and tasting! Things go better with VT Sweetwater!

Join us next year for gung hay fat choy II in EP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Church supper preparation... The chicken and biscuits with home made gravy was dee-lishush!

Plus, all those great desserts!

Name the people in the pictures and win a prize!

Be sure to send us your name and address.
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Youth group at FHCC awaits goodies made by Karen.

What did she make?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Where is Karen at and what is she doing?

Here's Wendy from Vermont Sweetwater! Those crazy names for sodas and beverages have that GREAT taste! Enjoy all the delicous, natural flavors of Vermont at the Birdhouse Inn and elsewhere.

Name your favorite Vermont Sweetwater beverage and win a prize. E-mail us.

Who is sitting in the back? Answer and win a prize, too!!

Jon and Valerie Nelson and Linda Boyd enjoy Vermont Sweetwater beverages during their stay at the Birdhouse Inn. Where is Jim?

Did they have enough time to go shopping?