Friday, November 23, 2007

Great to see matriculants at Green Mountain College visit with us, parents, students and new friends...
How was breakfast?

What is an Ogu?

Hey, hey...

Look who came to visit us at our home...

What a fun time we had with everyone...

Annie and Walt Pepperman of Twin Mountain Farms B&B held a lovely "Inns Get Together"...

Who is that large friend?

Why are these gentlemen on Main Street?

What's the story about the bikes on the street?
See the PhD's there?

I arrived a few minutes late to the New Haven Federation of Teachers-Retirees kick-off meeting, but was immediately surrounded by lovely friends and former colleagues who have also retired to pusue their new dreams and goals.

What is my Mathermatics Mother up do?

Hi, Ann!

And congratulations to Mary and her award from the state!

We're having lots of fun in downtown Poultney...

...come and visit anytime, but especially during Chili Fest!!

What are they doing with those swords?

Come to Poultney and savor the best chili you have tasted East of the Mississippi!

Check out the cooks and chefs!

Which one was your fave?

What is Valerie, President of the Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce, saying?

Who is Poulntey's Citizen of the Year?