Friday, August 11, 2006

Avant-soul piano diva Kristi Martel stayed with us Solar Fest weekend.

"A fine musician...incomparable!" says Utah Phillips.

Kristi was a finalist for the Solar Fest Song of the Year. Allthough she did not win the contest , her sweet singing and wonderful songs need to be heard by you.

"Kristi Martel loves life, and the joy she gets out of it exudes from her every pore."
Motif Magazine

Vist her at: or or

or e-mail:

Come again, Kristi!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Asociation President Laura Richardson and Gil Richardson staying with us at the Birdhouse Inn and at their exhibit at Solar Fest.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Our friends from the Fair Haven Congregational Church, Vermont!

The first of two weddings we attended on this day:

At the East Poultney Baptist Church--

Linda and Dick, childhood friends, were reunited thorugh mutual friends, and got married on the East Poultney Green's church.

Best wishes, neighbors.

Reception at the beautiful Twin Mountain Farm B&B in Middletown Springs.

Stopped by briefly, then on to Milford!

Two wonderful pimms fellows and Bridgeport teachers, Jorge Pezo and Betsey celebrated their wedding recently. Since this was our second wedding to attend on the same day, we missed the ceremony, but made it to the reception in Milford, CT.

For Jorge I would go anywhere to be with him on his special day!

Even though Jorge is an administrator at Harding HS, he is still a pimms mathematics teacher first!

How do you like the Three Amigos, B, Jorge and Jorge, Jr?

Best wishes for a long a wonderful life togetherBetsey and Jorge!

Tom from Toronto aand the Canadian Bike Tours stayed with us to check out the local bike routes. He has a series of good bike paths for all levels of ability all around the Slate Valley.

Tinmouth Writers Conference attendee Elizabeth Lewis stayed with us last week. The artist from Putney came to Poultney and enjoyed her stay at the Birdhouse Inn despite the oppresive heat.

For this breakfast we made buckwheat crepes filled with fresh picked blueberries, along with fresh fruits, yogurt, and Green Mountain coffee.

We hope to see you again soon, Elizabeth.

Artist and "consultant" Andrew Orr helping us with hanging his beautiful painting on porcelain with an iris design.

It's gorgeous!

East Poultney's Museums...come and visit!