Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Celebrating spring and Karen's birthday...the Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce had its first "mixer" of 2007 at our house.

Karen's delicious array of tasty tidbits and Brian's wine selections from The Cellar were a hit, along with the many wonderful treats brought by other members of PACC. "Sponsored" by the East Poultney Chamber members, including the East Poultney General Store and Picket Fence Antiques. Thanks, neighbors!

It was a fun time for all...don't you think?

Where will the next mixer be?

We are signing up for Spring 2008!!!

Who do you 'trust" in this crowd?! :-)

PACC Mixer the Birdhouse Inn...

Faces in the crowd...

What do these people do?

Name their business and win a prize!!

Symbols of New Mexico's "best"..................

name them and win a prize!N

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pascal's French Bistro in Pawlet...

Wonderful, delicious food! Vino veritas...

Happy Birthday, Pi Day Lady!

What is the 10th decimal place of pi?

Name those faces in the crowd...

What is going on?

Anwer and win a prize...

Where are Vermont Teddy Bears "born"?
Come and enjoy a viist there while you stay with us!

Enjoy wonderful breakfast at

our B&B.

Omelets and French toast served for Anita and Nick...

I had to show this again, eh?