Friday, August 18, 2006

EastPoultney Day... 2006...

From this date forward, East Poultney Day has been decreed by the Poultney Historical Society to always be on the second Saturday in August...regardless of the date.

Enjoy the scenes, sights, sounds and scents.

Over fifty raflle prizes were awarded to many lucky participants.

More scenes from East Poultney Day...were you there?

Join us next year...

the second Saturday in August!

Recognize anyone??????????????????

Justan Mitchell with readings from The Jeffrey Brace Story: The Blind African from Poultney; part of the East Poultney Days historical celebrations at the East Poultney Baptist church.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Summertime fun and great food at Denise and Joe Skribner's house. The surf & turf menu was a wonderful treat.

Plus, we celebrated Linda and Dick's return to East Poultney from their honeymoon in Iceland and Norge...

Welcome back...happy days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

From Cleveland, Ohio come the Beverly family for their annual visit to their relatives in Wells.

Their stay with us at the Birdhouse Inn was a joy. Kayla, Brant, and Alexa are wonderful, courteous children of John and Liberty. They enjoyed the chickies immensely!

Taiko Drummers and other happenings at the Rutland Ethnic Festival.

Lots of great sounds and foods galore.

SamosaMan from Barre was there and his new Tofu Samosa is great! Karen likes still his Veggie Samosa, a special taste...

come and join the events with us next year...

Monday, August 14, 2006

Our second time helping to prepare a meal at Dismas House.

Lots of good food and fine fellowship.

We met the McCafferys who are on the Board of Dismas House.

In fact, Rita met Lori in Albuquerque and remembers her. Yes, that's the Rutland - Alburquerque connection that Lori has always talked about. Now we know who Lori knows in Rutland! Wow, small world.

For this meal we prepared Karen's Three Cheese Macaroni & Cheese (LOVED by all!), baked chicken, calapacitas by Karen (a New Mexico squash dish), cucumber salad, and blueberry buckel with vanilla ice cream. Ice cream supplied by Helen Allen who had an enjoyable visit with everyone at Dismas House.

We'll be back soon. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Solar Fest 2006...

...a weekend of informative ways to be more self-sustaining... and a lot of fun, too...