Saturday, December 24, 2005

Steve and Diane Seebart stayed at the Birdhouse Inn last week. What a coincidence, they were from Sunnyvale, CA, the town that I grew up in!! They even know where we lived, South Pastoria Ave. But the houses, gardens, orchards and trees are all, all those low-rise, clean, high tech little businesses and factories churning out all likes of tekkie-stuff...that's Silicon Valley!

Here is a samping of what we served during the week for our breakfasts: (not all at once!)

BHI Bakery: Karen's lemon scones, muffins, lemon cakes and other biscuits plus many baked goodies.

Eggs: fried, poached, scrambled
Potatoes: home fries, potato pancakes, diced, shredded
Meats: Turkey bacon, regular bacon, sausage patties, local organic bacon
Specials: portobello/spinach/cheddar omelets, individual breakfast bread puddings, hazleneut pancakes, waffles
Fruit cups, cantalope slices
Orange juice and other juices
Green Mountain Fair Trade Coffee

Anything else we forgot?

They were well pleased, satisfied and happy each morning.
And so were we.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know.
Merry Christmas,