Thursday, December 29, 2005

Skiers Breakfast, Day One: MENU

Baked French Toast with Hazlenuts and Green's Maple Syrup, made in Poultney, of course,
Scrambled Eggs and Sausage,
Karen's Morning Glory Muffins,
Cranberry Almond Coffee Cake,
OJ and Autumn Blend Juices,
Lots of deep, dark rich Green Mountain Coffee

Everyone was satisfied and pleased, ready for a day on the mountains of Pico and Killington.

The skiers from Connecticut arrived in East Poultney yesterday...Joe Binkoski and Phyllis Liu with daughter Charlotte and friend Cliff. Plus Trish Duffy and Jim Melling with son Dan and cousin Katherine.

Some interesting 'facts":
Joe is a pal and colleague from my "old" school, High School in the Community, New Haven. His specialty is Asian and World History.
Trish is a Media Specialist in the Branford Public Schools and loves to read.
Phyllis is is an ocular specialist and is a Master Gardener.
Jim's works with lights and trade show presentations.
Dan is a student of Joe's at HSC and loves his iPod.
Cliff dives a truck and goes to Amity HS.
Charlotte is captian of the Amity HS ski team and would like to go to college in the Boston area.
Katherine is 12 years old, on a travelling softball team in Branford and pitches a softball at over 50 mph.

Great guests!

Some holiday cheer from us to you!
MaryJo Teeter's sisters, Chris and Kathy with spouses Brad and Nat, and parents, Grant and JoAnne Peacock, stayed with us over the Christmas holiday. All enjoyed sumptuous breakfasts, rich dark coffee and good consversation!

Merry Christmas to all!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas all of yu in blogger land. We are posting from the home of Helen of Fair Haven Vermont, Irish capital of Vermont. We are here trying to teach an old dog new tricks!!!
She's taught us quite a few Ha Ha!

"Lots of things grow better with age, I'm just one of them," says Helen (the old person).

Merry Christmas from Karen and Brian Festa. We wish you the very best, with much peace and love.