Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Josh and Valerie are off, back to Olympia, Washington.

They got up early to catch a plane in Manchester, NH!

I prepared breakfast burritos, juice, coffee, and scones.

They had a great time here.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Check out Shig Sakai's blog about the Birdhouse Inn B&B at:

It's got great pictures!
New Year's Day Breakfast:

Mimosas, of course,

Maple Oat Scones,

French Toast Casserole,

Tortilla Omelet, Spanis-style with potato, spinach, cheese,

Sasauges, patties and links,

Hazlenuit Cream coffee

We were a bit tired after all tthe Cranium playing, but we made a pretty good breakfast!
After the reception, we headed back ot the Birdhouse Inn. Simone and Company were already at the house playing Cranium, a game which uses all parts of your brain, the left side and the right side! They had a successful day of shopping in Manchester. Especially neat was Lisa's purchase of a penguin pajama set. After watching Dick Clark on TV and the ball falling down on Times Square and the masses, we all celebrated with some champagne toasts. Josh and Valerie joined us a bit later.

Then we played Cranium until about 3 AM! This was our first time playing, Karen and myself, but somehow we managed to win! On one round I had to draw a "salmon" with my eyes closed, while Karen had to guess what I was drawing! Talk about being able to read between the lines, I was trying to draw some sort of stick figure with bones, and Karen guessed "fish...tuna...salmon"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! was that good or what? It sure wasn't my Leonardo-style of drawing, that's for sure! The game went on with all kinds of questions, activites, singing, many diffferent ways to experss yourself and to your partner to move ahead to the final goal.

We highly recommend this game for everyone!

Exhausted, we made it to bed and got ready for the next breakfast.
Karen and I worked at Orlando Craig's reception at the Castleton American Legion Hall. The place was a very spacious site to have awedding recepton. We helped in the kitchen with Bonnie and Keith Crossman, Kathie Bosco on New Year's eve. Julie Craig, the mother of the groom, prepared all these foods: 3 types of chicken wings, spring rolls, all types of mini sandwiches, cheeses, many different dips with chips and veggies, summer sausages, veggie and fruit platters, Swedish meatballs, Italian meatballs, and Orlando, Sr's BBQ ribs! A yummy time!

The new bride, Anita, is from the Cook Islands. She is so beautiful and gracious. Her native dance in native costume was a most beautiful sight to behold.

Josh, our guest, was a member of the wedding party and dressed in his military blues as was Orlando, Jr.

We'll add pictures later.

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Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year's Eve Breakfast with Simone and family friends...along with Josh and Valerie Sturgill from Olympia, Washington...they are here for Orlando Craig's wedding.


Omelets with cheese, mushroom, broccoli, avacado

Apple Pancakes with maple syrup,

Turkey Bacon,
Karen's Pricsilla's Scones,
Cranberry Almond Coffee Cake,
OJ and Coffee

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Simone Minichino-Garofolo, husband Mike, and sister-in-law Lisa amd her husband Skip Jaques stayed with us over New Years "vacation". What a fun group! We had a great time with them on New Years Eve playing the game CRANIUM. We give it a "Thumbs Up", ***** Rating. Has anyone out there played it?

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Breakfast II Trish D and family...

Cheese poached eggs on a potato pancake,
Muffin french toast with maple syrup.
Link sausages.
Cranberry scones,
Fruit cup,
OJ and coffee

They said it was yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

plus they got to get in some of the sights of Vermont Queechee.

Happy New Year, it's 2006!

Who are those crazy kids?

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Skiers Breakfast, Day Two:

Apple Pancakes,
Spanish Tortilla, with potato, of course, mushrooms and spinach with mozzarella chese
Turkey Bacon,
Fruit Cups,
Karen's Almond Cranberry Scones and
Morning Glory Muffins,
Cinnamon Buns,