Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Chinese are coming to Vermont! We went to Castleton State College and saw the Strange Candy Presentation of "Tales from the Beijing Opera".

The two tales were "Autumn River", a romantic comdy about a nun who escapes from an order to pursue a young scholar whom she loves and the elder boatman who helps her across the Autumn River. It's a comedy skit!

"Monkey and Pigsy" is one of China's most beloved stories. After the naughty Monkey King and the gluttonous Pigsy commit crimes agains heaven, they continue to make trouble by stealing a magic weapon from a dragon. Hillarious! And great make-up on the Monkey King!

Yang Hong Wu, Zhang Hui, and Merrianne Moore were the performers.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

At the Mark Skinner Library in Manchester Center, Vermont we were treated to a series of native, ethnic-minority Chinese dances by Mau Mau Leibert. She dressed in different native apparel for the different dances which represent native peoples of China. She even has all of us in the audience try to replicate the candle Dance of the Dai People.

Care to try some of the dances? We did...

Who is the author of those famous Joe Gunter mystery novels talking with?

Green Mountain College audience listens to the Asian Rural Institute presentation about sustainable agriculture and helping rural people around the world.

Afterwards, we had a light meal with the presenters and other visitors and informal discussions at the Birdhouse Inn.

Ristorante Faustini in East Haven is where we met our friends.

Who are they?

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