Friday, April 27, 2007

Maple Fest in Poultney...

...complete with horse drawn carriage rides...

...and a Vermont Sweetwater maple soda tasting by Wendy at the Stonebridge...

...what did you do?

Join us next year!

US Representative Peter Welch was the featured speaker at the Poultney Rotary Club Annual Dinner to raise funds for their community efforts. Rep. Welch was an engaging speaker. He just cast a vote to support the troops overseas and to limit President Bush's war efforts.

See who was in attendance at the dinner...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What is Karen up to?

Why is she spending so much time in the barn with Buffy, our favorite Buff Orpington?

hey... you see what I see?

...our first "baby"...!!!

Onward to the Fair Haven Inn to attend a mixer sponsored by the Fair Haven Chamber of Commerce...

...and who do we meet there?

...none other than Denise Skribner, our East Poultney neighbor, who just opened up a floral shop in Fair Haven...!!! wishes and many success, Denise...and Joe!

And nice to meet Connie Rooker, too!!!