Wednesday, December 13, 2006

"Alternatives to Traditional Christmas Gift Giving"...

The Mission Board at Fair Haven Congregational Church (yes, we are both members!) decided to offer alternatives to the merry gift buying and outlandish joyous consumption that pervades our society.

So, we found opportunities for our members to "give gifts" that will have a more positive impact on people, economies and the environment. Plus, they will be more meaningful gifts for both sender and receiver.

For example, you may make a donation to the World Wildlife Fund to "adopt" an endangered animal in your loved one's name.

Or you can purchase a traditional craft through CERV where the $$$ goes directly to those who create the native, traditional items. Thus, improving the lives and economies of those who are not as "rich" as we are.

Better yet, how about sending some chickens, goats, pigs or other animals to the impoverished around our world through The Hieffer Project? This stabilizes and improves the local economies through these contributions.

Lastly, not only does FHCC serve Fair Trade Coffee, but we are now offering YOU the opportunity to purchase Equal Exchange coffees, teas, and chocolates that are certified organic. Farmers recieve a fair and living wage through your purchases and Equal Exchange.

So, please give gifts that keep on giving and help to improve the world around us.

Bless you all.

Please feel free to contact us for more information!!!

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